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Meet Matt Torrence! Your Skype online music teacher

Music teacher Matt Torrence holding an acoustic guitar

Hi, all. My name is Matt Torrence, a Skype online music teacher. A lot of folks call me The Music Teacher Guy.This link opens a new browser window

I was born in southwest Philadelphia, PA, in the early 1970s, and I grew up about 20 miles away in the northwest Philly suburbs. I still live here.

My Dad – who’s a real classical and opera music aficionado – started giving me piano lessons at age 5. When I got to upper middle school, I took up the alto sax and played in the high school marching, jazz, and concert bands for all 4 years. It was also at this time that my closest friends and I started getting seriously into music. We picked up guitars, basses, and drums in order to imitate our heroes in the English rock and heavy metal bands we loved. We also were very inspired by the American thrash and speed metal groups. We read guitar magazines religiously to learn how to play our favorite metal tunes. I was always the guy who studied the analysis of the music theory behind the guitar riffs and chord progressions. I was developing a serious passion for music theory even then.

I was in a few garage bands, and then, after the alternative music explosion of the early 90s, I formed my own group to lead and to write my own songs. My first penned tune was played on local radio for a few months. I finished college at Temple University as a communications student at about this time, too.

In 2001, I started working as a traveling private music teacher offering in-home music lessons. I formed my own business in 2008 and now have a handful of music teachers working for me. I decided last year to take to the web, reaching out to aspiring musicians around the globe to help them with their musical goals.

If you think you might like hire me as your Skype online music teacher, please click on the CONTACT page and send me a note. You can also call me at 610-804-6968 or email me at Thank you for visiting my site.