Skype Music Lessons Testimonials

Kind words about Matt and his Skype music lessons

As an adult beginner in piano, I feel very lucky to have Matt as my teacher. He is very knowledgeable and answers my questions thoroughly with clear and concise explanations. Sometimes when I have trouble learning a particular musical concept, Matt is very patient and will go over things multiple times without causing me stress or anxiety over my errors. He gives me great suggestions on how to improve my practice.

Robin S.
Finding Matt Torrence (The Music Teacher Guy) and starting guitar lessons with him has turned out to the best decision. I feel I've made more progress in the couple of months that we have been working together than I ever had before.

Marion S.
Matt's talent on and passion for guitar has made the instrument a pleasure to learn. He is down-to-earth, patient, and understanding – a joy to have as a private teacher.

Marc F.
I am so happy to have found Matt Torrence; he is the perfect music teacher for me. At age 65, I decided to start piano lessons again after a 40-year hiatus. Matt listens to your music goals, and then provides you with exactly the guidance you need. He lets you select your own music genre, whether it is classical, show tunes, rock, or something else. He is also a sensitive, kind person. If you let him know you have not had time to adequately practice that week, he doesn’t make you feel guilty about it. Instead, he spends your lesson time teaching you about some new aspect of music or music theory that is useful to you. Matt is highly experienced and knowledgeable about teaching music and every lesson is real value for your money. I would highly recommend Matt as a great teacher for any age, from beginners through experienced musicians.

Cathy K.
My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Matt for just over two years. In that time, she has learned not only playing techniques, but also a great deal of music theory which helps her to have a deeper understanding of the music she plays. Matt's patient nature and encouragement have kept her interest in music alive, and she looks forward to her lessons.

Alexandra C.
Matt is very easy to understand and he teaches in steps so it's easier to build the learning. Also, he teaches what I want to learn and asks what I'm interested in.

Gareth O.
At 34 years old, picking up an acoustic guitar for the first time in my life seemed quite intimidating. I had the typical trepidations of being "too old to learn" and not thinking I had enough free time to practice. Luckily, I found Matt Torrence on-line and it's been a revelation. Matt's lessons and relaxed teaching style have been perfect for me as an adult beginner. Matt has a tremendous wealth of musical knowledge and ability, and does a great job of relating the material and making even the more difficult concepts and techniques seem clear. His lessons have been customized to my musical preferences and learning pace.

Brian T.
Learning how to play the piano has changed my life and Matt's excellent teaching skills made it possible. His focus on teaching the basics has given me a strong foundation for learning how to play well – a foundation I will be able to build on for years to come. The piano has become a source of joy and relaxation for me and it's all thanks to Matt and his patient and consistent attention.

Kathleen C.